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Inspired by the color and texture of rich fabrics, and the artistry of fine stitch work, Dianne Ramponi originally founded Dianne Ramponi Interiors to bring beautiful custom draperies and window treatments to the Boston area.  Now, more than 20 years later, Dianne offers a full spectrum of interior design services, specializing in Space Planning, Floor Plans, Elevations, Color Consults, Home Staging Design and the selection of all elements of home furnishings. On any given project, you find her drafting a design, selecting finishes, acting as a liaison between her client and the architect, or managing construction details, all with an intuitive, collaborative approach, practiced over many years in the industry. 

Clients throughout the Boston area, Cape Cod, the Islands and Vermont have lauded Dianne’s impeccable taste, keen eye for the unique and unexpected, and organized operational style. She is known for skillfully mixing colors and patterns, combining surprising hues and shapes to create interior designs that are warm and inviting, instilling a sense of quiet and calm while standing up to the rigors of every day living. 

Dianne is a graduate of Mass College of Art with a BFA in Painting. On weekends you’ll find her skiing with her grandsons, hiking in the White Mountains, biking throughout New England, and visiting local museums.

Why I Am an Interior Designer

When someone asks what led me to interior design, I have a hundred answers. From the beauty of blending rich colors to the feel of a beautiful silk textile, from the glow of a wooden floor to the texture of a carpet, there are myriad tactile and visual pleasures in my work. There is a very deep satisfaction in meeting my clients, hearing their vision and helping them make their home all that they want it to be. There is the delight of creating a room brimming with comfort while choosing the right furniture to help a room function as it should. And it’s the jubilation when the combination of all of those things creates something unexpected and entirely new.

The process of interior design is fluid.  Just like a river with its bed of rocks, a house has a defining structure: walls, ceilings, staircases, doors, all seemingly solid. I see the flow, noting where a ceiling can be raised, where a dark space needs light, where a space feels blocked.  I sketch a floor plan that shifts a wall, creates a doorway, enlarges a window, marrying a client’s dream with the practicalities of a real-life budget. Then I search for the perfect drapery fabrics, pillows and lamps that add up to the right aesthetic, bringing a room to gentle or vibrant life.

In my work, I am supported by the most talented cadre of craftsmen, seamstresses, drapery workrooms, painters and upholsterers, all of them artists in their own right. Local custom showrooms design one-of-a-kind furniture, rugs and window treatments. I have resources for every trade in home restoration, producing only the highest quality work.

In the end, I can say that what led me to become an interior designer is that moment when I see my clients fall in love. There is a look that tells me that a room is everything they dreamed of, when they see beauty and function in a space that once was a source of frustration or dismay. A home is beautiful when it supports the people who live there in being their best, their truest selves. The creation of ‘home’ that elevates living to an art must be my favorite thing of all.